Top Captivating Evening Celebrations in Capital City Delhi

Delhi reflects the splendor and beauty of Indian history & culture in the most captivating way. The capital shades its every corner in many colors of celebration throughout the year long. Whether it is the celebration of New Year or the abundant mouthwatering “IFTAR” during the month of Ramadan, each festival presents a unique & striking face of DELHI and DELHIITES.

Though, there is no end of festival celebrations in Delhi. Many of festive start early in the morning and end late in the night but the charisma that evening festivals have are fully spectacular. So, make a plan to book Delhi One Day Tour Packages to enjoy these following top evening celebrations that are sightseeing for every resident & visitor in Delhi.


1. New Year Celebration:
New Year is possibly an international event that is celebrated in the same rocking style across the globe. In the capital Delhi, it is hard to ignore the noise of New Year’s celebrations. Hotels, restaurants, and venues come up with various ideas to gear up for this big celebration. Delhi is always the wonderful place to enjoy & experience New Year celebrations. Delhi one day tour offers you one of the favorite evening celebrations in Delhi.

new year celebration


2. Lohri Festival
This festival is celebrated in mid-January when winters are at its peak position. Lohri brings warmth and happiness to people. Being a most popular festival of the “Punjabi” people, Lohri festival is held with the same eagerness by the people of other communities also. In the morning, children go door-to-door and ask for the Lohri either in cash or in kind. People dressed in dazzling attires gather around large bonfires. The main symbols of carnival of Lohri lit up in open areas, sing and dance till late night.

Lohri Festival


3. Janmashtami Festival
Thousands of people go every small and big temple of Lord Krishna on this festival. Janmashtami Festival is one of the top must-see celebrations in Delhi. It is one of the popular and biggest religious festivals which is celebrated all over the world. Brightly adorned and illuminated temples and market areas are the key attractions of this festival. People sing & perform plays and Ras-Leela acts that go on until late night.

Janmashtami Festival


4. Durga Puja Festival
If you are in Delhi city during the October month then one should never miss is the “Durga Puja”. It is the main festival of the Bengalis. Dance, cultural performances, drama, shopping and delicious Bengali food, it is a complete theatrical & social event with a vibrant feel. The last 5 days of Navaratri festival is celebrated as Durga Puja which is also known as Durgotsava.

Navratri Celebration


5. Dussehra Festival
Dussehra Festival does not only mark the end of wickedness but also takes Navratri Festival to a halt after a 9-day long variety of fun & frolic. It is also renowned as Vijaydashmi and is the last day of charming Durga Puja celebrations marked with the fascination of Goddess Durga idols in water. Fairs are mainly held on the occasion of Dussehra at various destinations of Delhi.

Dussehra festival


6. Diwali Festival
Experience the delightful evening festivals in Delhi with “Festival of Lights” or “Deepawali”. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. This Hindu festival is celebrated not only in India but also in various other countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar. Houses, buildings, streets & markets are decorated with lights. 1000s of lamps lightens on a full moon night to create a world of fantasy for viewers on earth.

diwali festival, delhi


7. Christmas Festival
Christmas evening in Delhi city is celebrated joyfully. It is the time when Delhi & Delhiites both are shaded in the spirit of red, green & white colors. Decorations, wrapping and exchanging gifts and sweets, singing Christmas carols and baking cakes etc are some of the most famous activities that people enjoy during Christmas festival. Most of the hotels, banquet halls, restaurants, and nightclubs organize Christmas parties that go on till late in the night.

Christmas Festival

8. Sunburn Festival
There is no better therapy than music and the “Sunburn Festival” proves it in a rocking style. It is known as the biggest music festival in India. Sunburn festival is a 3-day celebration in which prominent Indian and international DJs entertain music & dance lovers with their live performances. This festival was 1st inaugurated in the year 2007 and from then onwards. Casting an enchantment of magic over the performances of dancers is the combination of disco & laser lights that make the whole set up more lively and attractive. The Sunburn festival event is held in various cities throughout the country among which Delhi city is an all-time favorite.

Sunburn Festival
These all beautiful and captivating festival increases the beauty of Capital city Delhi. Delhi is also included in the Golden Triangle tour cities. So, Golden Triangle tour packages India is the best choice for local and international tourists.