The Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir consists of the region to which we call Ladakh. It is sandwiched between the Himalayas to the South and the Karakoram mountain range. It is also considered as the land of high passes. Leh and Kargil districts combined to form the Indian portion of Ladakh. A rare and transcendent beauty is found in this place. Leh Ladakh has become a heaven of history, culture and scenic beauty by stunning moon land valleys, enchanting rivers, centuries-old monasteries and crystal clear colour changing lakes. June to September is the best time for visiting this place. The best journey can be experienced through the tour packages of Leh Ladakh from Delhi. These packages can be explained in the following manner.

Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

  • Trip To Leh Ladakh

We can have the beautiful experience of visiting Leh Ladakh through the tour package of Trip To Leh Ladakh. This package continues for 6 nights and consists of the visit of Leh, Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake. The journey carried out through this package includes Camping, Bactrian Camel Ride, Monasteries of Indus Valley and Jeep Safari. The departure dates for this package are August, July, June, May and September. This package promises the best and most enthralling experience.

  • Hemis Festival Ladakh Trip

Leh Ladakh can be visited with the full adventure through Hemis Festival Ladakh Trip. The visit carried out through this package is for the period of 7 nights. The places like Leh, Nubra Lake and Pangong Lake are visited in this package. We can have the fun of Bactrian Camel Ride, Hemis Festival, Festival Camping, Monasteries of Indus Valley and Jeep Safari. The departure date for this package is July. Our experience to visit Leh-Ladakh can be enriched by this package. This package makes the visit of Leh Ladakh amazing and fantastic.

  • Leh Ladakh Tour Package With Airfare

If the journey of Leh Ladakh is carried out through the air then, it is magnificent. This can be made possible by Leh Ladakh tour package with airfare. We have to spend 6 nights for this package. The visit of Leh, Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake are a part of this package. This package entertains us by Local culture, Bactrian camel ride, Monastery Visits and Jeep Safari. The departure dates for this package are August, July, June, May and September. So many people of the world are adopting this package for having the wonderful visit to Leh Ladakh.

  • Ladakh Photography Tour

Another tour package for visiting Leh Ladakh is Ladakh photography Tour. People follow this package within the period of 9 nights. The destinations of this package are Manali, Leh, Tutuk and Pangong Lake. The package makes the journey entertaining through Camping, Photography, Ladakh Festival, Jeep Safari and Culture. The departure dates for this package are August, July, June and September. This package provides us with the beautiful views of Landscapes. The beauty of Leh Ladakh can be realised efficiently through this package. So many people flocked towards this package for visiting Leh Ladakh.

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