Best Time to Visit in Nepal Bhutan & Tibet

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The Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour is intended to investigate three Himalayas nations in a single plan. This trip to Nepal Bhutan Tibet is permitted to discover fascinating Himalaya’s nations and diverse culture. This Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour is the setting of delight and sees extraordinary and one of a kind than whatever is left of the world.

You will visit UNESCO world’s legacy locales in Kathmandu, NEPAL. Most acclaimed Buddhist and Hindu journey destinations like Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, and Pashupatinath, Buddha’s origin Lumbini and also best dawn and Himalaya’s perspectives. Elephant safari at Chitwan national park, best and regular city Pokhara is another fascination in Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Best time to visit Nepal

  • A dry season is trailed by substantial storm rains among the month of June and September
  • The best time to visit is among October and November when the storm downpours have finished and the skies clear for incredible perspectives of the Himalayas
  • Spring is likewise a magnificent time to tourist to Nepal as rhododendrons light up mountain valleys.

This once undercover Himalayan kingdom, beyond reach to sightseers until the 1970s, takes much pride in and holds unflinchingly onto its one of a kind traditions and customs, and endeavors to hold the appeal of the old world with an enthusiasm you are probably not going to see anyplace else on the world.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour Package

Best time to visit Bhutan

  • Bhutan has a dry season pursued by overwhelming storm rains among June and September
  • October and November are the greatest months to visit as the storm downpours have finished and the skies clear, permitting the best perspectives of the Himalayas
  • Spring is likewise a dazzling time to head out in Bhutan to make uproar of shading in the mountain valleys.

Tibet, simply hearing this name rolls out our spirit improvement, makes our Third Eye Travel to a different universe of the purplish blue sky, sanctuaries, orange-clad priests and peaceful wanderers. Frequently alluded to as “the housetop of the world” or “the third shaft of the world”, Tibet is a wonder for explorers to search for extensive scale landscapes and Buddhist otherworldliness. Home to the Dalai Lama, Tibet fills the interest of individuals needing rest and loosening up minutes. The lakes and streams and the superb palace and architecture of Tibet are the real parts of our each Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour Packages

Best time to visit Tibet

  • Best months for seeing Everest plainly are January, February, April, May, October, November, and December
  • Best months for trekking Kailash is from early May through mid-October
  • Best months for seeing Tibetan wanderers on the meadows are from June through September
  • Best months for seeing Tibetan ranchers in the fields are April, September, and early October
  • Best months for Tibetan Horse Festivals are July and August
  • Most territories of Tibet, including Everest Base Camp, can be visited even in winter
  • Tibet is shut each year from mid-February through early April. You can’t visit Tibet amid that time.